Leadership Development
and Team Performance

Leadership Development
and Team Performance

One of the biggest challenges companies face is developing their talent, both expanding an individual’s capability as a leader as well as facilitating the growth of a team together and shifting their dynamics to increase performance.

Whether it’s a well-established or newly forming team or leader, there are behaviors we want to instill and those we want prevent from occurring or continuing.

With effective and conscious leadership, your leaders and teams can adopt characteristics of high-performance and engagement.

With conscious leadership, leaders expand their own sense of purpose, self-awareness and team-awareness, opening up the creativity, cooperation and innovation needed to influence their team towards achieving more. They work from a mindset of possibilities rather than fear. And, by embracing conscious leadership, leaders encourage and empower their team members to do the same.


With conscious leadership, people:

  • Are willing to challenge the status quo because they work in an environment that encourages diversity of thought and sharing of ideas.
  • Feel more connected to the work they are doing and understand how they contribute to the higher purpose of the business.
  • Courageously have difficult conversations because they know that’s the only way conflict gets resolved. And they learn that, through healthy conflict, better solutions emerge.
  • Put personal agendas aside to ensure the path forward is one that contributes to the highest good for all involved.

Put simply, you end up with an engaged team that exceeds expectations and has fun doing it. You cultivate a culture that embodies engagement, accountability, transparency, integrity, healthy relationships and success. Before you know it, your company is at the top of the “Best Places to Work” list. All of this leads to a killer bottom line.

Most importantly, your engaged team
is also an innovative team.

Now, not all teams are set up for success on day one. Some are, but hit a speed bump along the way.

Have you noticed that people in your organization find it difficult to have critical conversations? Or perhaps you’ve noticed people blaming others for problems that arise, rarely taking responsibility for their role in it.

The markers of ineffective leadership and/or poor team dynamics can appear in many different ways. You may see people:

  • Hide out and not speak up in a meeting but be rather vocal about issues once they’re at the proverbial water cooler,
  • Avoid conflict because they don’t know how to deal with it, and are afraid of how it will impact relationships, or worse, are afraid of retribution.
  • Spend too much time focusing on what can’t be done instead of what must be done, or
  • Operate from an individual agenda, ignoring what is best for the team or the business.

I don’t have to tell you that these behaviors left unattended create a less effective team that wastes a lot of time, energy and talent circling issues instead of addressing them head-on.

Let’s work together to identify what your leaders and teams need to create a culture of conscious leadership — from every level in the organization.

The Process: (it’s a simple one…because who really needs more complication in their work?) In partnership,

  1. We start with a conversation to fully understand the issues your leaders and teams are facing.
  2. We design a customized solution that addresses those needs and helps you achieve your goals.
  3. We implement the design, taking your leaders/teams through coaching, facilitated workshops/sessions or a combination.
  4. We evaluate what’s working and adjust the plan as needed along the way and following the engagement.

Some of the “tools” I use include:

  • Leadership Coaching – working one-on-one with leaders to build on their strengths and address the core issues that derail effectiveness.
  • Leadership Development Workshops – facilitating sessions that focus on the specific skills all conscious leaders must cultivate.
  • Team Facilitation – working with your team to improve group communication and connection, examine and solve problems, develop strategic vision and priorities, improve soft skills or address other issues impacting team dynamics.
  • Equus Coaching™ – working with horses (yes, real live horses) to develop leadership skills one-on-one, in groups and/or enhance team dynamics with intact teams.

Sampling of Workshop Topics:

  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Influence Without Authority
  • Presentation Skills
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Dealing with Generational Differences in the Workplace
  • The Path to Personal Empowerment
  • Fundamental Principles of Leadership
  • Equus Coaching™
To discuss your business’ specific needs, and how we can design a program that builds conscious leaders and high-performing teams for your organization, please…

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