Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executives and senior leaders have risen into their roles because of previous successes. By this stage, they have amassed a great deal of information about leadership through workshops, books, on-the-job experiences as well as from mentors and bosses.

At the same time, the skills that are required for effective leadership are changing. So it stands to reason that the executives who practice that leadership must also shift the way they lead people and the organization.

To quote Marshall Goldsmith,…

What got you here,
won’t get you there.

Marshall Goldsmith

This is particularly true when it comes to conscious leadership. Knowing (and doing) are very different from the “being” in leadership.

As an executive coach, I partner with leaders and senior level executives to identify strengths to be leveraged as well as patterns that have become unhelpful and explore ways to shift the limitations that may be blocking even greater success.

Each coaching engagement is highly personalized with a plan that results in deeper learning, more sustained behavior changes and the achievement of specific results.


How It Works:

I use a three-step process that has proven over time to be highly effective. It revolves around alignment, assessment and implementation.

Step 1: Objective Alignment

Each coaching engagement begins with a meeting between the client, their manager and me to define overall goals and direction. The client shares professional and personal goals. The manager and I provide supplemental thoughts and suggestions for consideration and inclusion. This sets a foundation of clear expectations for everyone.

Step 2: 360° Assessment, Personality Assessment and Plan Development

Following the alignment of objectives, the client receives an interview-style 360° assessment and a personality assessment. This is a powerful combination as the personality assessment provides validation as well as an understanding of behaviors revealed in the 360° assessment. We use the feedback gathered from the assessments to craft a plan for the client that addresses the goals and objectives with measurable intended outcomes.

Step 3: Action Plan Implementation and Review

After the action plan is finalized, the client and I meet regularly (frequency is determined by the needs and desires of the client) to implement individual strategies. Along the way, we review progress and shift focus as needed. Prior to conclusion, a plan is crafted for the client to continue moving forward post-coaching.

What’s Next?

This six-month process creates long-lasting, real results. This happens because we are able to uncover the motivations for the patterns and behaviors that have blocked greater success. That self-awareness coupled with tools learned through coaching allows the leader to shift to more conscious leadership and take actions that enhance their effectiveness on a more permanent basis.


Who benefits most from executive coaching?
  • Leaders new to their role in leadership or executive leadership;
  • Leaders wanting to strengthen and/or continue developing their leadership;
  • Leaders who have hit a roadblock and are in need of support to get back on track.
Benefits of Executive Coaching:
  • Heighten self-awareness that leads to shifts in unhelpful patterns and behavior
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase confidence
  • Strengthen emotional intelligence
  • Refine executive or leadership presence
  • Develop stronger relationships

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What People are Saying

Sheppard’s coaching helped me through a particularly stressful time in my career. With her help, I went from being a perfectionist who protected herself to being open and vulnerable. My relationships with my staff became more transparent and productive. Six months later I was promoted to a leadership position that I feel passionate about. I would recommend Sheppard’s coaching to anyone who is searching to find their footing on their own path again or who is struggling with the overwhelm that is all too common for many of us today.

– Gabrielle, Deputy Director, Government Agency


Having had negative experiences with coaches previously, I was uneasy about working with a coach again. Sheppard took the time to understand who I am as a person which surprisingly helped set the background for the things I struggled with at work. The opportunity to think out loud with Sheppard has helped me gain clarity about particular situations or challenges I have faced and develop strategies to move forward. What started out as being viewed by colleagues as someone who is difficult to connect with turned into me becoming the person everyone sought out for support. Sheppard’s coaching helped shift my thinking outside of the box and helped me identify creative solutions in an empowering way.

– A. J., Executive Director, McKesson

As a new executive, I was struggling. I lacked confidence and my voice wasn’t being heard. Sheppard helped me to look inside myself to find the answers. I learned how to respectfully stand up for myself. I have such an inner peace and now end my days fulfilled and happy instead of stressed and tired. I am so grateful to Sheppard for helping me find myself again!

– Jennifer, Tech Industry Executive

Sheppard Lake is a phenomenal coach! Unlike anyone I have met in a boss, coach, advisor, “guru,” etc., she supports the whole person. She always provided what I needed in that moment. I started turning potential conflict into positive relationships. Through our coaching work, Sheppard helped me be a more effective and authentic leader with my team and my family.

– P. O., Principal, Financial Services Industry

After a tough 360-feedback process, I struggled being open to the perceptions and feedback from others. Sheppard has an ability to deliver uncomfortable feedback in a way that not only maintained my dignity, but also showed me that I’m not alone. She helped me shift the way I lead and provided tools and strategies for building stronger relationships. I was soon promoted and now engage with people more easily.

– Amy, Marriott Vacation Club

When I hired Sheppard, I was a bit all over the place. I had taken a new role heading up HR for a multi-national organization. I needed to build trust quickly and the culture of my new organization was difficult at best. Sheppard helped me approach situations differently while giving specific strategies to help me build a more positive culture for the organization.Today I have a high-performing team that is a model for the culture our organization is building.

– Debbie, Airbus Americas

I’ve led teams for more than 30 years in the television news and health care industries. I was feeling stagnant in my approach to leading teams. I can honestly say, the last several months working with Sheppard have been some of the most transformative leadership coaching discussions in my lifetime. Her personal style led to in-depth conversations that got right to the root and helped nurture and foster proactive ways grow my overall leadership at work and in my personal life. Thanks to Sheppard, I’ve been able to tap into my vulnerabilities and begin to lead with more honesty and authenticity. She is resource rich with examples across the spectrum to dig deeper on your own.

– Christopher, Director, Dignity Health

Sheppard has the ability to see what others do not, and courageously and compassionately name it for her clients.

– Gretchen, Organizational Development Consultant


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