Equus Coaching

Equus Coaching

The new business environment is marked by all the chaos and beauty of the natural world, so it’s not surprising that the leadership it calls for is shaped and informed by nature. This is likely why companies are increasingly turning to Equus Coaching™ to hone the confidence, creativity and personal power of their leadership and teams.
Koelle Simpson

Here’s what I know about horses: they don’t lie; they don’t judge; they don’t have an agenda.

Unlike humans, horses don’t care what your title is, how much money you make or who you know. They don’t care if you have purple hair; if you live in a gated community or a yurt; if you have been a lifelong devotee of a specific religion or if you worship spaghetti.

All they care about is how you show up in the moment.

With expert facilitation to support your experience of Equus Coaching™, horses provide immediate, honest feedback that reveals your behavioral and thought patterns— both how those patterns support you and how they sabotage your success. I have learned more about myself in 20 minutes with a horse than in any other form of self-help, facilitated workshop, spiritual retreat or therapy. Equus Coaching™ is a profound and dynamic tool for self-discovery, emotional intelligence and transformation.

So what does this mean for organizations?

Here’s what we know: The business structures and leadership styles of the past are no longer viable. There are many ways this is playing out in today’s business world.

One example we frequently see is that organizations are faced with seemingly constant change. In turn, they require leaders and teams to be creative, innovative and solve problems quickly with fewer resources. The result is often stress and overwhelm, leading to burnout at all levels of the organization.

Studies show that stress and overwhelm actually inhibit an individual’s creativity for innovation, problem-solving and the ability to do more with less.

The current business landscape calls for a more conscious way of leading so that organizations can achieve greater success through partnership with their people.

To be conscious leaders, we must be present. By their very nature, horses seek out leaders who are calm, present and aware. As such, they have a unique ability to show you what is and isn’t working with your leadership and team dynamics.

Traditionally we seek to learn strengths and areas for development from our human counterparts through feedback. But humans consciously or unconsciously hold back information and feelings for various reasons, especially with leaders and executives. In contrast, horses hold up a mirror to your leadership or interaction style in ways that are clear and enlightening. This provides a rare opportunity to receive direct, non-judgmental insights into how others experience you but won’t necessarily tell you.

Through Equus Coaching™, you will have the chance to shift your behavior and approach real-time, receiving immediate responses from the horses. These new behaviors and approaches directly translate to interactions with people as well, because what it takes to influence a horse is astonishingly similar to what it takes to influence people.

Equus Coaching™ is a unique and transformational experience to support your leadership and team development initiatives. Among other things, participants will learn to:

  • Increase self-awareness,
  • Build emotional and social intelligence,
  • Recognize areas of friction and determine ways to manage or remove them,
  • Set and honor healthy boundaries,
  • Approach problems and opportunities with courage and authenticity,
  • Form trusting professional relationships, and
  • Improve communication clarity and timing.

From here, participants create a clear plan for bringing their experience with the horses back to the office and to their interactions with one another. And, because Equus Coaching™ is a felt experience instead of a mental construct, the lessons learned are anchored in new ways, ensuring long-term shifts in behavior and ways of being.

Important Information:

  • No previous horse experience is necessary.
  • Participants will be gently and safely guided through insightful, interactive activities with horses on the ground.
    Activities do not involve riding.
  • Options include individual, group and team sessions.
  • Equus Coaching™ can be combined with other workshops to deeply integrate the learning.

To discuss how you can include Equus Coaching™ in your leadership development and team dynamics offerings,

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Not part of an organization and still interested in Equus Coaching™? No problem! Contact me at the link above. We can talk about how to support you on your personal journey through individual sessions or public workshops.

What People are Saying

Through one Equus Coaching experience, Sheppard helped me make a fundamental shift in how I work with others. I realized that my lack of confidence in myself was translating as incompetence to others. With newfound confidence, a colleague with whom I had great challenges and I are working together really well together. Silos have come down between our departments allowing us to collaborate and achieve goals more quickly.

– Jessica, VP, Marketing, National Bank

I have worked with Sheppard on numerous leadership projects and know her to be an excellent coach and facilitator. Even though I own a very successful business, I have always felt like I am not enough. Through Equus Coaching, I realized that in getting clear and connecting with myself, I could do anything. That feeling has stayed with me and my business has grown exponentially.

– Karen, Small Business Owner

Four months after a day of Equus Coaching with Sheppard and I’m still using what I learned from her about venturing outside of my comfort zone. This experience has made trying new approaches in my business (and life) so much easier! Having a horse work with me turned concept into reality and made the lessons much more memorable.

– Rick, Entreprenuer

Sheppard offers a transformative experience that is tailor-made for the individual. She is uniquely qualified because she relates at an incredibly deep level to both human beings and horses. This experience took me from a place of keeping my feelings and insights to myself to expressing them appropriately. Since then, I have realized the importance of getting my voice out into the world through my work. This translates to a more profitable business for me and happier clients.

– Alaina, Musician and Coach

I had just lost my husband when I attended an Equus Coaching workshop with Sheppard. Her facilitation style instilled a sense of peace and acceptance. When we started working with the horses, Sheppard and Blueberry Pancake (my pony) changed my life forever. The compassion and presence both shared created a safe place for my healing. I left that day with the ability to start the next chapter of my life.

– Sharon, Nurse

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