What would be possible if everyone in your organization was engaged, creative and innovated together?

Let’s find out.


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What would be possible if everyone in your organization was engaged, creative and innovated together?

Let’s find out.


Work With Me

You would:

  • Be solving problems in real time rather than having months of meetings. Team members would be co-creating rather than waiting for the answers from on high.
  • Eliminate silos and invite multiple perspectives from different levels in the organization to cultivate more evolved and creative long-term solutions to root problems.
  • Move to a more curious approach to issues, revealing opportunities that would not likely have been seen otherwise.
  • Have appropriate transparency that allows business to move forward. You and your teams would be clear on what needs to happen when and by whom. Personal agendas would be set aside for the greater good.
  • Have happy people. Happy people translate to greater success. Research supports this.

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Better communication, alignment and understanding means a smoother execution of strategies and projects. And when that happens, we improve all the standard measures for business success: revenue, profit, employee engagement and client satisfaction.

Part of the problem is that we’ve inherited an old system of leadership that no longer serves us – the proverbial “This is how things have been done around here.” This old way of being is hierarchical, rigid and controlling. And it stifles the one thing that sets your business apart: creativity. This system was born of fear and causes blame, helplessness and temporary fixes for daily troubles which are symptoms of bigger issues. These old ways were created to solve old problems, not today’s problems. And, as Albert Einstein said,…

“No problem can be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Albert Einstein

You are looking to create a long-term sustainable culture that your teams want to be a part of. Enter Conscious Leadership: the new model for successful leadership and teams.

What is conscious leadership?

Conscious leadership is the practice of bringing self-awareness and true authenticity to the act of working with and through others. It is more about seeing yourself than it is about being seen by others. Conscious leaders look as much at their own growth as they do the growth of their teams and the organization. They are grounded in clear purpose and values, empowering others to do the same. Conscious leaders know that courage, character, and conviction are more important than a set of prescribed skills. They are more concerned with doing the right thing than doing things right. They value authenticity over perfection. They are willing to do the inner work of self-awareness that breeds confidence in themselves and a greater openness to the input of others. They build collaborative, trusting environments that engage and develop talent.

With powerful, conscious leadership, healthy team dynamics and ongoing development, organizations thrive.

I’m Sheppard Lake and I help develop leaders and organizations that want to build a better future for themselves, their employees, their clients and their communities. I support this by working with individuals, groups, teams and organizations in an intuitive and experiential way:

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